The magic that is Karina Patel

  • From the moment I met Karina my world has changed permanently and for the better. After losing many teeth through abscesses and being unable to tolerate root canal treatments, I was in very poor health and in a sorry state. Karina quickly found the cause of these problems. Due to an historic jaw dislocation my whole jaw and body was out of alignment, causing the following symptoms: bad posture, severe back and neck pain, continuing headaches, ear ringing, and facial pain, teeth grinding and snoring. She found that my jaw was receeding and that my airway was a quarter of what it should be. Her magic, through orthotic appliances (day & night) has been astounding. I am now an upright, non-slouching person, I sleep soundly at night, my jaw feels as though it now belongs in my head/face, I no longer have headaches, neck or shoulder pain. My treatment is still ongoing but the process so far has been enlightening. The science behind this treatment is truly magic. As are the whole team that make the Courtyard Clinic feel like family.

    Kathy Chappell
  • • The teeth upper and lower are based on, if not identical to, my original teeth at the age of 21 years, so they suit me as original teeth. • I have been advised by my good wife, Nancy, and others that I am speaking more clearly. • Karina correctly diagnosed me with sleep apnoea and recommended orthotic therapy. This was the initial 3 month treatment phase which would open my jaw and airway and it was amazing. It made such a difference — my breathing and quality of sleep have improved considerably. • My general appearance has improved so my confidence (PMA) Positive Mental Attitude has likewise improved. • I am eating my food more slowly and effectively. I feel I enjoy my food better so I am hoping this will help me to control my eating habits and so help control my weight. • My original sensitive teeth have naturally disappeared. • The new teeth are easy to clean and maintain. lust a few positive observations for your information. Overall a wonderful, positive result.

    Regards Kevin Oxenham
  • In October last year Dr Karina Patel performed a total makeover of my teeth and bite. 1 went from discoloured crooked teeth with a jaw collapsing to one side, to a beautiful set of very natural looking crowned teeth that have made me look years younger. The procedure took about a year to complete because of the work needing to be done to move my jaw. Visits to the clinic were always pleasant and we all had many laughs together. The time and care that Dr Patel put in was way beyond the call of duty and I am very thankful to have had the privilege of having this very talented young lady as my dentist.

    Margy Manfield Sunshine Coast Queensland
  • I went to Karina with facial discomfort. Karina and I embarked on a journey of Neuromuscular and Orthodontic Dentistry. From this experience I am much more comfortable, my face feels better and I have a beaut new smile. Thanks Karina, you listened, we laughed, you fixed me and I feel fabulous! Good luck. I know you are going to blitz the world of dentistry.

    Joss Donovan
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