It’s not just adults that have these issues!! Children clench and grind their teeth 50% more than adults. Baby teeth are much weaker than adult’s teeth and therefore we see faster rates of wear. The height of the teeth determines how much we can close our mouths. If our teeth are reduced in height then we can close further. Usually to get the teeth to meet we have to posture our Jaw back to close. When this happens we are reducing the volume of the airway making it more likely to close even further during night-time breathing when our muscles lose their tone.

As you can imagine if a child has sleep issues and has been grinding their teeth to a point that is causing even more collapse to their airway they will be getting a reduced amount of oxygen. This has terrible effects on a child’s development. Poor concentrations, irritability, ADD/ ADHD, sinus infections, Ear problems are some symptoms these children often present with.

Boy wants to be an orthodontist. Current treatment of pediatric Sleep Apnoea is using orthodontics to increase the size of the airway, tonsil and adenoid reduction using dietary control or removal and CPAP. One or a combination of these is used depending on the case. Side effects are usually minimal however, CPAP can sometimes flatten the face and surgery may be indicated when they are adults.

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